About me

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I'm an MA student in Planning at the University of Waterloo. My main interest is public consultation, and my research looks at public consultation models that would be appropriate for school closure reviews. Currently, the consultation process for school closures is too short and can feel hostile to concerned residents. 

In the summer of 2017, I began working on a project funded by the Community Schools Alliance. We developed and tested a set of indicators to measure the economic impact of school closures on rural Ontario communities. Ultimately, we found that there are just too many other variables at play for the economic effects to be registered by our indicators. Currently, we are looking are focusing our attention on the social impacts and developing a set of indicators to test. 

Previously, I taught at Western University, mostly an upper-year social theory seminar for Honours students. 

I hold a doctorate from Western University's Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism. My dissertation took up Lacanian psychoanalysis to develop a theory of everyday urban life. The dissertation also relies heavily of Michel Foucault's theory of security, and also connects Georg Simmel's philosophy of urban life to contemporary mobile communication technology.