Scald & Drowning in Solitude

After some interest in the Crawl/Child post, I've recorded and uploaded the demo cassette of Scald & Drowning in Solitude. It was recorded in 1991 and 1992. I really like Scald, with Bradley Park of Crawl/Child and Paul Pfeiffer. Downing in Solitude (Pfeiffer alone) never did much for me, but it's here anyway.

Side A: Scaled - "Pelted"
1. Duality
2. Flux
3. Creation

Side B: Downing in Solitude - "Molested by Spirits"
(all songs are recorded as a single mp3)
1. Woebegone in Berevement
2. Skin
3. Shrouded by Belief
4. Cessation
5. Devouring the Dead
6. They are Legion
7. You Shivered Fear
8. Visitation
9. Choking on Sadness

Includes PDF scan of cassette inlay (with lyrics) and a JPEG of the cover.



  1. THANK YOU !! for this and crawl/child..there is sooo much 90's extreme / experimental rock that's lost to the ravages of time...

  2. Next I hope you will post some old Nose Goblins.

  3. I was a big fan of this, and had copies of the Crawl/Child material and this on a dubbed tape which I seem to have lost. I got it directly from Paul Pfeiffer back in the day I think. Thank you for posting this. The Internet is amazing.


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